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The Importance of the Hyde Amendment explained in 15 seconds

Over two million Americans are alive today thanks to the Hyde Amendment. If you were born through the Medicaid program, there is a 1 in 9 chance the Hyde Amendment saved your life!
This video is also available in Spanish.

How to Lose a Pro-Life Atheist in 10 Days: 

Things We Do to Push Away Pro-Life Atheists & How to Win Them Back

"I'm totally on board with the secular human rights message, but everyone in my pro-life group is Catholic!" Sound familiar? Secular Pro-Life president Kelsey Hazzard comes to the rescue! 
Recorded at Villanova University
April 23, 2016

Life Report: Pro-Life Feminism

Make Noise! Youth Rally

Pro-Life Women's Conference 2016

"She was a dancer. She was 20 years old. And the procedure was necessary for her career.
Truth be told, the men in her life had considerable influence on her decision. And there were societal expectations to be met. But it was her body, her choice..."
Recorded in Dallas, TX
June 25, 2016