The Rape Exception

Many debates about abortion focus on situations in which a rape victim gets pregnant. While roughly 99% of abortions are performed on fetuses conceived consenually, abortion in cases of rape involve even more extreme and complex emotional, moral, and legal factors. These circumstances warrant their own discussion.

People both within and outside the pro-life movement are sometimes surprised to learn that pro-life people are divided on this issue, with over half of self-described pro-lifers stating abortion should be legal in cases of rape. Some pro-lifers argue that the circumstances surrounding a child's conception are irrelevant to the moral value of that child, and so abortion should be illegal in these cases as in cases of consensual sex. Others argue that the child's moral worth is not the only relevant factor in the discussion, and issues of bodily rights and moral obligations are different in cases of rape.

Secular Pro-Life has leaders and members of both mindsets. We do not take an official position for or against the rape exception, and instead keep the debate open. Read more:

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