Sex Education

SPL supports reducing unplanned pregnancies through increased education.


SPL recognizes the benefits of abstinence; at present, abstinence is the only 100% effective birth

control method for preventing pregnancy and STDs, and it is affordable for everyone.


At the same time, SPL recognizes that abstinence is not a realistic option for everyone. SPL supports the use of certain methods of contraception for sexually active people who don't want to procreate. SPL also supports comprehensive sex education to ensure those who will be sexually active know how to use contraception properly. Research has shown that comprehensive sex education both delays the initiation of sex for adolescents and increases the use of contraceptives once people do become sexually active.

While SPL considers sex education a vital tool in preventing unplanned pregnancies and thus abortions,

it is not a whole solution. Even when people use contraception correctly there is a risk of an unplanned

pregnancy. SPL feels there will therefore always be a strong need for society to embrace the pro-life perspective and provide resources for families in need.