Secular Pro-Life is a group for pro-life atheists, agnostics, humanists—any pro-life secularists. Part of our mission is to create a space for nonreligious pro-lifers to gather and discuss our perspective on abortion within the context of our secularism.


We also welcome people of faith. Maybe you're a Catholic weary of having your pro-life position dismissed as "dogma." Maybe you're a Protestant interested in more diverse outreach. Maybe you're a member of a minority religion and don't feel you fit in with the so-called "Religious Right." You are welcome here. Anyone interested in using secular arguments to defend the pro-life position is welcome here. We want to see pro-lifers of any faith and no faith unite in the defense of the unborn.


There are those who don’t realize that secular pro-lifers exist; they erroneously believe the pro-life movement is solely a religious movement. There are also those who know that secular pro-lifers exist, but try to insist otherwise anyway, clinging to a more black and white narrative. See the Related Articles for our rebuttals to their claims, and for more thoughts on religious inclusiveness in the pro-life movement.


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