Free Publication Downloads

All Secular Pro-Life publications, including our "Why Should Non-Christians Care About Abortion" pamphlet, are available for free download via Dropbox.


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We also recommend these secular resources from other organizations.


A Future Lost: Don Marquis' argument against abortion (in a nutshell)

A Secular Case Against Abortion: Jen Roth eloquently summarizes her views on prenatal personhood, parental responsibility, and pro-life feminism.

Autumn in the Sovereign Zone: Why "It's my body, I can do what I want" won't do.

The Feminist Case Against Abortion: A history of pro-life feminism

Adolescent Arguments in the Abortion Debate: Major flaws in common pro-choice debate strategies

States Didn't Put Women in Jail for Abortions Before, Won't if Overturned: Legal expert Clarke Forsythe on the enforcement of the right to life

UnChoice Ad Campaign: Free downloads (flier, poster, postcard, and graphics) on coerced abortion

Maternal Mortality is Reduced Through Legitimate Medical Care, Not Abortion: Brochures available in multiple langauges