Anti-abortion is not anti-woman.

It makes as much sense to say that the pro-life position is inherently anti-woman as it does to say that the pro-choice position is inherently anti-child. If you hate women you’ll want them to have fewer options; if you hate children you’ll want them destroyed before they’re born. But what does that have to do with the feelings and intentions of average pro-lifers and pro-choicers? Nothing.


Pro-lifers fight abortion, not because we want to limit women, but because we want to increase respect and protection for fetal life.


In reality, whether Americans consider themselves pro-life or pro-choice doesn't skew along gender lines at all. There's little difference between the number of men and number of women who call themselves "pro-life' (roughly half of Americans), and there's also little difference between the number of men and number of women who believe abortion should generally be illegal (again, roughly half of Americans)--and these trends have held for years.


"Pro-life sentiment has been steady over the last four decades even as opposition to women in the work force (or the military, or the White House) has largely collapsed. Most anti-abortion Americans today are also gender egalitarians ... The pro-life cause has proved unexpectedly resilient, in other words, not because millions of Americans are nostalgists for a world of stricter gender norms, but because they have convinced themselves that the opportunities the feminist revolution won for women can be sustained without unrestricted access to abortion."

- Ross Douthat, New York Times


Secular Pro-Life recognizes that most women who choose to abort do so for socio-economic reasons. This situation represents a failure by society to properly support women and families. While SPL advocates for more restrictive abortion laws, we also advocate decreasing abortion by increasing social support for women and for parents, both mothers and fathers. See the Related Articles for more information.


We encourage you to consider volunteering for one of the many charities that provides practical support to mothers and fathers facing difficult pregnancies, many of which are listed on our pregnancy resources page. In addition, Secular Pro-Life participates in the annual National Community Baby Shower Day.

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