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  • Warn women about dangerous abortion facilities. Our project documents health code violations, medical malpractice lawsuits, and other problems at abortion facilities around the nation. Sadly, there have been so many incidents, our volunteers haven't been able to keep up! Your donation will allow us to hire a research intern to update the site. In addition, it will fund targeted advertising to reach women at risk.

  • Let pro-life atheists and agnostics know they aren't alone. Too often, non-religious opponents of abortion are afraid to speak up. To solve this problem, we have a project in the pipeline to publicize the fact that there are over six million non-religious pro-lifers in the United States. Will you help us activate new voices for life?

  • Create new videos to spread the pro-life message. Last year's bodily autonomy video has been viewed over 13,000 times! Unfortunately, we have not had the funds to produce any major videos since then. We have several ideas for new video projects, but we cannot move forward without a strong monthly donation base.

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