Our Mission

The Mission of Secular Pro-Life is to end elective abortion.* We work toward this goal through:


Secularism. SPL seeks to increase the inclusiveness of the overall pro-life movement by creating space for pro-life atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other secularists. We also seek to provide pro-lifers of any religious or spiritual beliefs--or none at all--with the secular, pro-life perspective. We encourage all pro-lifers to understand the secular pro-life perspective so our movement can engage people using shared bases of understanding.


Support. SPL seeks to decrease elective abortion by decreasing unplanned and unsupported pregnancies. We advocate for increased adoption support, paid maternity leave, resources for pregnant college students, and other measures to help women in crisis pregnancies.


Education. SPL seeks to decrease elective abortion by increasing common knowledge of fetal development, abortion risks, and abortion alternatives. We support comprehensive sexual education, informed consent provisions, and increased access to ultrasound technology.


Legal Restrictions. SPL supports efforts to decrease elective abortion through incremental legislation. These include parental consent, waiting periods, health & safety regulations, and restrictions on late-term abortions.






SPL envisions the pro-life movement unified in our common goals, regardless of religious differences. We envision a world in which elective abortion is unthinkable and unwanted, in which women have and embrace control over whether they carry a pregnancy by controlling whether they conceive at all, and in which society fully supports pregnant women, expectant parents and families, and children already born.



*While SPL considers every abortion a tragedy, we recognize that abortion is sometimes medically necessary. We do not oppose abortion in situations where the mother's life is in danger and early delivery is not possible. We also do not take a specific stance on the rape exception, leaving the discussion open amongst our members.


Our Vision