Tiniest Humans Memorial

Do a good deed in memory of an aborted child

In recent years, the pro-choice movement has undergone a dramatic shift. Once, they acknowledged that abortion was a tragedy, but argued it was a necessary evil. Now, they celebrate abortion. In an effort to drown out women who regret their abortions, they elevate post-abortive mothers who have no remorse and celebrate the deaths of their children in the media. These babies have been violently deprived of life, and to add insult to injury, the fact that they ever even existed at all is being erased. No one mourns them.
We are giving these abused, forgotten children a legacy by doing good deeds in their honor. 
If you attended the Pro-Life Women's Conference and took home a flower to memorialize a child, thank you for your commitment! Your participation in our "soft launch" will allow us to reach the critical mass necessary to fully launch this project in the coming months. 
Instructions: Read the source material on your flower card and decide how best to memorialize the child. For example, if the child was killed because of a suspected disability, a donation to an organization for people with that disability may be appropriate. You may also consider directing your good deed to the state or region where the child lived. For any child, you could plant a tree, donate a box of diapers to a pregnancy care center, provide free babysitting for a struggling family -- the possibilities are endless. (Please no donations to candidates for office, and use common sense.) Where possible, take a photo of your good deed.
Then let us know how you have memorialized the child by
emailing us at info@secularprolife.org with the subject line
"Memorial." Be sure to include the child's ID code; if you met us
at the Pro-Life Women's Conference, the code will begin PLWC.
As memorials are confirmed, we will share them on this page,
and on social media.
Thank you again for your dedication to children in the womb. 

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